John Cullins

(Owner - Broken 1 Publishing, Creator/Author - Crown of Horns; 7 Sins of the Damned; The Dead Stacks)

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John Cullins


Life long fan of the industry, I began my serious writing during my time with the Marine Corp. Extensive stays in the middle of nowhere allowed plenty of free time to create a world of my own and through that world I found my passion. After a medical discharge from the U.S.M.C., I devoted myself to finding a place in the industry. Educating myself as much as possible I began to not only work on honing my craft and completing my first novel but also building a business from nothing.

Crown of Horns is scheduled for a late November release, and I am currently completing the second novel Blood of the Five Book 2 in the Crown of Horns series. while the graphic novel tie-ins are in development.