Joe Suitor

(Artist - PopGun; Amazing Spider-Man Family; Transformers: Sector 7; G.I. Joe: Special - Helix)

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Joe Suitor


Joe Suitor is a comic book creator based near Los Angeles, CA who also works in film/music video production and fashion design.

Joe has worked on such titles as Spider-man and Batman for Marvel and DC respectively, G.I.Joe and Transformers for IDW publishing, as well as upcoming books Freakshow and When Zombies Attack.

His creator owned work Monoluminant was featured in Popgun and Fablewood anthologies from Image comics and Ape entertainment, and will soon be appearing in full.

Joe began work in the fashion industry as art director for Endovanera, and has done design work for Target commercials featuring Christina Aguilera as a superhero. He has also worked in various stages of production on music videos for artists such as Stone Temple Pilots, Lamb of God and As I Lay Dying.