Joe Rubinstein
(Inker - Action Comics; Adventures of Superman; Batman & Superman; Batman; Captain America; Classic X-Men; Conan the Barbarian; Daredevil; Detective Comics; Fantastic Four; Green Arrow; Green Lantern; House of Mystery; Iron Man; Justice League America; Life with Archie; Shazam!; Spider-Man; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Superman; The Amazing Spider-Man; The Avengers; The Flash; The Incredible Hulk; The Invincible Iron Man; The Punisher; Thor; Uncanny X-Men; Web Of Spider-Man; Wolverine; Wonder Woman; X-Force; X-Men)
Joe RubinsteinJosef “Joe” Rubinstein is a comic book artist and inker, most associated with inking Marvel Comics’ The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

Josef “Joe” Rubinstein started his artist career in the early 70s as a teenager. Primarily working as an inker, his artwork has been published by all major U.S. comics publishers including Marvel Comics, DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

One of his most important works has been inking The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe over a span of twenty years for which he holds a Guinness World Record of inking more pencilers than any other inker.

Among his extensive inking credits (which include more than 2,500 comic books), Rubinstein inked a mini-series for Dark Horse Comics called Archenemies, and co-inked issues of DC Comics’s Ion mini-series. He currently inks the ongoing series Green Arrow/Black Canary for DC Comics.
Photo by Luigi Novi
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