Joe Pruett

(Writer - X-Men, Publisher - Desperado Publishing, Creator - Negative Burn)

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Joe Pruett


Joe Pruett has worn a lot of hats. He has worked in the comic book industry as an art assistant, a letterer, a writer, an editor, a creative director, a designer, and, finally, as a publisher. He has written over 100 titles, including his own KILROY IS HERE series from Caliber Comics and stints on Marvel Comics' X-MEN family of titles.

He is an Eisner Award winner (for editing/designing THE ART OF BRIAN BOLLAND) and a five-time Eisner Award nominee; as a writer ("Best Short Story" for his adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "We Can Get That For You Wholesale"), as an editor (for "Best Editor" and "Best Anthology" for NEGATIVE BURN), and, again, as an editor/designer (for THE ART OF P. CRAIG RUSSELL). In addition, his publishing company, Desperado Publishing, has received five individual Eisner Award nominations since 2006.

Realizing that the comic marketplace no longer offered many choices for writers and artists to create and nurture their own properties, Joe formed Desperado Publishing in the summer of 2004 to become a home for today's top talent to bring to life their own personal creations. Desperado Publishing partnered with Image Comics from 2005-2007, published solo from 2007-2009, and have partnered with IDW Publishing since 2010.