Joel Gomez
(Artist - Telara Chronicles; The Flash; Green Lantern; The Authority; Birds of Prey; Gears of War; Iron and the Maiden; Lost Boys; Soulfire; Tomb Raider; Witchblade)
Joel GomezJoel Gomez got his start interning at Top Cow Productions doing backgrounds on books such as TombRaider and WitchBlade before working as a pencilling assistant at Aspen Comics on Soulfire and Iron and The Maiden. He was then hired as a staff artist at Wildstorm Productions where he worked on projects such as Wetworks, Authority:The Lost Year, Gears of War, Brightest Day and LostBoys.

As a freelancer Joel has worked with DC Comics, UpperDeck Entertainment, Prologue, Beyond Reality Media, Insight Editions & 5finity productions.

Recently, he completed work on The World According to Batman & The Wold According to The Joker for DC Comics/Insight Editions. He has also been working on the second issue of the successfully funded KickStarter Jason Coffee’s WarHawks.
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