Joel Adams

(Character Designer/Artist - King of the Hill, Hulk Animated Series, Power Rangers, The Mask, LILZ)

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Joel Adams


Joel Adams is the eldest son of famed comic book artist Neal Adams. After graduating the School of Visual Arts in New York, Joel moved to Los Angeles to work at Neal's west coast offices of Continuity Studios. While at Continuity, he dabbled in comic books helping out on Continuity titles such as Ms Mystic, and Bucky O'Hare.

Joel's career in Los Angeles took him in and out of Continuity and all over the industry. He did a few covers for Alpha Production's Blood Thirst line, and was then picked up by Penthouse Comix to do Young Captain Adventure. From comics, Joel moved on to animation. Marvel Animation, in 1996, picked up Joel to do all the character design for The Hulk: Animated series. From there designed a few other shows including the first three years of the Emmy Award winning King of the Hill as Character designer.

While working for animation companies, Joel also picked up all of the licensing style guide art for these shows, and others, from the licensing companies handling them. Joel's art has appeared on licensed products from: The Hulk, Nascar Racers, King of the Hill, Captain Scarlet, The Mask(Animation), Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Power Rangers: Light Speed Rescue, Power Rangers: Wild Force, and Harry Potter: the Goblet of Fire and Prisoner of Azkaban.

Today, Joel has been devoted to pushing his own brand/license LILZ, a series of big head big eyed characters he began showing back in 2000, and can be seen literally all over online community message boards and websites in what are called 'signature tags. It is his desire to get the Lilz off of the Internet and into stores everywhere.