Joanne Padgett

(Author - Vampires of Camelot Camelot's True Story)

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Joanne Padgett


Joanne Padgett is the author creator of the acclaimed novel series Vampires of Camelot Camelot's True Story Part One. Joanne is a respected author. As a writer she is very expressive and thought provoking; getting people interested in her cliffhanger drama style. After leaving Central New York, she joined the workforce and found it was not her fit. Joanne found her passion was writing but, how to make that a career was another issue all together. Joanne dabbled in banking, sales, and other things but, she was always drawn back to writing.

Joanne on her 30th birthday was looking back at her first thirty years and did not like what she had become. Joanne was looking back on her life and was reminded of her first memory of mortality. Joanne was in the 5th grade at Cato Meridian Central School and each student was given an assignment to write to their favorite author and ask them to come speak at an event. Joanne loved the works of Ronald Dahl and wrote to him. Joanne waited for a response and two weeks later she received it.

Joanne was so excited she waited to read her response letter to the class. Joanne went to school with letter in hand and ran to the front of the class and opened the letter she began to read the letter aloud. It stated that they appreciated the fact that she loved Ronald's work and regretted to inform her that he had been deceased for about ten years now. Joanne was devastated and ran out of the room crying so upset her teacher Mrs. Bassett calmed her down and told her that was okay because his words would live on forever he had left his legacy and that is when Joanne decided to write her first novel The Vampires of Camelot Camelot's True Story Part One.

Joanne came up with idea for the novel when watching Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. Joanne contemplated what if Camelot had Vampires in it Joanne studied the Arthur legends and within two years she had written her first novel. Joanne has launched the first book in the series. Joanne hopes everyone will enjoy her new epic novel series Vampires of Camelot Camelot's True Story Part One.