J. M. Ken Niimura

(Artist - I Kill Giants; Daredevil; Amazing Spider-Man; PopGun)

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J. M. Ken Niimura


At the crossroad of Japanese, European and American traditions, JM Ken Niimura has developed a dynamic, vibrant and humorous style of his own. His comics can be read in six languages and his illustrations have been seen in many countries. Active in the self-publishing field, he also participated in a number of cross-cultural comic projects. Winner of several contests (comics and illustrations), he shares his knowledge through workshops he leads in both Spain and France. The publication of I Kill Giants brought him to the attention of the American industry, earning him and writer Joe Kelly a nomination to both the Eisner and Eagle Awards. JM Ken Niimura now lives between Madrid and Montral, flying off to Tokyo whenever he gets the chance.