Jim Salicrup

(Editor - Fantastic Four; Avengers; Captain America; Spider-Man; Uncanny X-Men; Iron Man)

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Jim Salicrup


Jim Salicrup is the Editor-in-Chief of Papercutz, the graphic novel publishing company he co-founded with Terry Nantier. Papercutz is devoted to publishing great graphic novels for all ages: Ariol, Classics Illustrated, Dance Class, Disney Fairies, Geronimo Stilton, LEGO' Ninjago, LEGO Chima, Lunch Witch, Nancy Drew Diaries, The Smurfs Anthology, and many more. Recently, Papercutz launched a new imprint, modestly called Super Genius, which publishes titles such as WWE Superstars, Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice, and more. Jim worked at Marvel Comics for twenty years, editing Spider-Man (with Todd McFarlane), The Uncanny X-Man (with Claremont & Byrne), The Fantastic Four (with John Byrne), Iron Man, and many more. Jim was the writer, and then editor of Spidey Super Stories, as well as writer of such comics as Transformers, Visionaries, The Spider-Man Child Abuse Prevention comic, The A-Team, The Inhumanoids, Kool-Aid Man, and more. He also wrote Marvel calendars, toilet paper, coloring books, and drinking cups. He also was the editor on Marvel Age Magazine for eight years.