Jim Nelson
(Artist - Magic: The Gathering; World of Warcraft; Star Wars; Dreadstar; Nexus)
Jim NelsonJim Nelson was raised by a family of small, whimsical creatures in the hollow shell of a tremendous pumpkin in northern Illinois. At a certain unspecified (but altogether appropriate) age, he left the pumpkin to explore the patch and the world beyond.

In third grade (even children raised in hollow pumpkins must attend school). Jim began drawing Peanuts characters. In 4th grade, he discovered comic books and superheroes and began a lifelong love affair with drawing. By the time he was in 5th grade, he was obsessed with comics and art.

Eventually, Jim grew up and attended Northern Illinois University, where he was instructed in the finer points of art-making by superb artists like Mark Nelson and Jack Olson. He received a B.F.A. in Drawing from NIU.

Jim spent a year or so dabbling in comic book art, working for Chicago-based companies like Hot Comics, Now Comics and First Comics, primarily as an inker. He also inked comics for Blackthorne Publishing. His comic book work led to assignments in games and a position as a staff illustrator for FASA Corporation. He spent 12 years at FASA, working as an illustrator, designer and, eventually, art director. He was honored to win several industry awards for graphic design and to work with a wealth of talented, inspiring artists.

Jim currently lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. His work has appeared in numerous games, books and magazines and he has been represented in the juried annual "Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art" as both an artist and art director. He loves football and chocolate, still enjoys comics and his favorite painting is The Rock by Peter Blume. It hangs in the Art Institute of Chicago. Everyone should see it.

Jim is inspired by artists as diverse as Rembrandt, Mike Mignola, Johnny Hart, De Es Schwertberger, Jim Woodring, Zdzislav Beksinski, John R. Neill, Maurice Sendak, Dave Cooper and Paul Klee, although he finds that the world around him provides the best inspiration. He hopes you enjoy his work.
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