J Hause

(Studio GhostHause)

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J Hause


Twitter: twitter.com/GhostHause

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Ghosthause

Tumblr: ghosthause.tumblr.com/

Portfolio Site: www.studioghosthause.com/

Instagram: instagram.com/ghosthause

J Ghost Hause is a freelance illustrator and concept artist, currently haunting Austin Texas with his wife. He received his special ghost training at Swindon College School of Art (and ghost stuff) in the UK and has since been working freelance for various indie games.

In his spare time, J runs SketchBomb Austin, a monthly sketch group and is developing a steampunk comic called The Grove. He has four dogs, three of them are pretty great but the other one is just awful. Stop by his booth and argue with him about comic book movies!