J.G. Jones

(Artist - Superior Spider-Man; Batman Black and White; Green Lantern Corps; Before Watchmen; LotDK; Final Crisis; Wanted; 52; Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia)

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JG Jones has worked as a penciler, inker, and cover painter in comics for over twenty years. He has had the great fortune to work for comic companies, large and small, but is probably best known for his efforts on titles such as Black Widow, Marvel Boy with Grant Morrison, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia with Greg Rucka, and Wanted with Mark Millar. Other credits include Final Crisis with Grant Morrison, and, with Brian Azzarello, The Comedian, a prequel to the iconic Watchmen graphic novel.

Jones is also known for his ubiquity as a cover artist, painting covers for titles such as Codename: Knockout, Wonder Woman, Y: The Last Man, The Avengers, Batman & Robin, Superior Spider-man, Doc Savage, and hundreds more, including doing every cover for DC's groundbreaking weekly comic, 52.