Jesus Saiz
(Artist - Swamp Thing; Justice League; Resurrection Man; Birds of Prey; Zatanna; DCU: Legacies; The Brave and the Bold; Two-Face: Year One; Countdown; Checkmate; Manhunter; Infinite Crisis)
Jesus SaizBorn in Albacete, but an adoptive son of Zaragoza, Jesus started to make his name known to Spanish readers with the fanzine 451ş, and then the Azoth miniseries. His first American work, Iron Reich 3000, was published in Dark Horse Presents, and he followed it with a story for Star Wars Tales (both for Dark Horse Comics).

His first work for DC Comics was JLA: Black Baptism, and he followed it with Midnight, Mass. (Vertigo) and 21 Down (Wildstorm) before returning to the DC Universe, where he’s done books like Manhunter, The OMAC Project, Countdown to Infinite Crisis, The Crime Bible, DC Legacies, Zatanna, or Checkmate.

He worked with J. Michael Straczynski on The Brave & The Bold ongoing series for DC, and their work has been nominated for an Eisner Award in the Best Single Issue category for issue #28, starring Flash and The Blackhawks. After launching the New-52 Birds of Prey book, Jesus moved briefly to Resurrection Man, and “Beowulf” for the Sword of Sorcery book.

Jesus is currently working on what’s probably the favorite book he’s ever worked on, Swamp Thing, and it really shows!
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