Jessica Von Braun

(Digital & Mixed Media Artist - Falling Stars)

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Jessica Von Braun


Jessica von Braun is a Mixed Media Artist, traditional and digital painter, photo-manipulation // photo collage illustrator, sketch artist and collector of pretty dresses. Born and raised in San Diego, CA now residing in Fort Worth, TX, she has drawn her entire life. Her work is sometimes cute and and sometimes melancholy.

Her pinup work is published by Image comics (Moriarty, Red City) and Action Lab (Zombie Tramp), she has done cover work for Greystone Valley (Grey Gecko Press) and Extra Mojo (Hidden Charms Press). She has published shirts and posters for The Stan Lee Foundation as well as poster art for mc chris, illustration work for Elizabeth Killbride (author Daniel Corey), Doom Ranch 5000 and is a regular designer for Chibi Essence. Her illustrated story starter book titled 'The Dreams of the Invisible Girl', authored by Chuck Huber, was published with Hound Comics this past year. She is also a resident artist at the PoP Gallery, located in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) in Orlando.

She used to think that if you rode in a hot air balloon you could catch clouds in a jar, but you can't. When she was a child she aspired to be a tree frog and would hop around her house with olives on her fingers.

"I love painting and combining my paintings with collage elements, think glue and cut and paste but in a sort of digital form, I love watercolor and ink when working traditionally. I'm greatly inspired by children's storybooks and all the fantasy that surrounds the world a child lives in, the stories they see everyday in their heads. My own children inspire a great deal of my work and I hope to continue to grow and expand both their worlds and mine"