Jerry Rascoe

(Artist Urthe; Sniper and Rook; Human Resources)

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Jerry Rascoe


Jerry Rascoe spent his childhood in Colchester, Vermont where he became an avid comic book fan from a very early age. He spent hours with coloring books, drawing paper, crayons, pencils, markers and pens drawing everything his imagination could come up with. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree as an Art Teacher, however, his heart has always been in comics.

In 2006 Jerry and his wife moved to Austin Texas where he is still concentrating on his art. Jerry attends multiple comic conventions every year and enjoys the camaraderie with other artist and comic professionals and fans.

Jerry has been published in Beta 3 Comics as the artist for issue #9 of 'sniper and Rook. He also has another book that will soon be published called Urthe, a collaboration with other comic enthusiasts written by Christopher Mosier and penciled and inked by Jerry through MC Studios. The book is a fantasy-sword and sorcery story with a love story and plenty of action and adventure.. Jerry also has an upcoming project he is working on titled Human Resources through Arcana Comics. It is a 4 issue mini-series with issue #1 already completed.