Jerry Pesce
Jerry PesceAs a child growing up in New York, Jerry Pesce has been drawing and creating art that he enjoys. He started with monsters at a young age and never looked back. His current portfolio in Digital Art has grown to include 80+ pieces and counting, that span many genres. Comic Book Characters, Monsters, Sci-Fi, Pin-Up and Fantasy, Pop Culture, Cult Icons and more. He draws what he likes, and chances are there is something you will like too! Flipping through his work is like a nostalgic trip down memory lane as you flash to the fun and sometimes scary places of your childhood. His unique style and brand is full of color, texture and effects often influenced by his past career as a Lighting Designer for Theater and RockíníRoll. In addition to his prints he has also begun printing his work on METAL, creating bookmarks as well as collectible card sets and uncut sheets for the true collectors. The way his work translates through the metal almost makes it come to life, the colors bright and reflective almost holographic. A stand out at most comic cons, with a different style and brightly colored displays that lure you in, and art that captivates and holds you.
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