Jerry Gaylord theFranchize

(Artist - Fanboys Vs. Zombies; New Crusaders)

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Jerry Gaylord theFranchize


Ive been a working artist for over 10 years and I would never dream of doing anything else. I am currently the artist on Boom! Studios Fanboys Vs Zombies and I have done work for many other publishers and licenses such as Archie, Star Wars, and The Walking Dead. With the support of my wonderful wife I look forward to seeing what is in store for the next 10.

Published Works

Artist on Fanboys Vs Zombies (BOOM! Studios)

Artist on NFL Rush (Action Lab)

Regular Show Exclusive Cover (Boom! Studios)

Penciler New Crusaders Cover (Archie/ Red Circle)

The Brotherhood of Fighters, Hyperboy (Identity Comics Studios)

Sketch Cards

Walking Dead (Cryptozoic)

Star Wars Galaxies 6(Topps)

Spider-man Archives, Marvel 70th Anniversary, Marvel Heroes and Villains (Marvel/Rittenhouse)

Marvel Masterpieces III (Marvel/Upperdeck)

Archie Cards (Archie Comics/March of Dimes/5Finity)

Greatest American Hero (March of Dimes/5Finity Productions)