Jerry Bingham

(Artist - Batman Confidential; Batman: Son of the Demon; GI Joe; Hawkman; X-Factor; Web Of Spider-Man; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine; Batman: In Darkest Knight; Spectacular Spider-Man; Amazing Spider-Man; Detective Comics; Batman; Iron Man; Captain America)

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Jerry Bingham


2011 saw Jerry's first comic book work in over ten years as DC Comics released the final five issues of Batman Confidential, written by Marc Guggenheim.

He followed that with a labor of love, a twenty-six page true story that Jerry wrote and illustrated for the anthology book Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. Clayton Murwin's Heroes Fallen Studios. (All proceeds donated to charity.)

Jerry began drawing comic books professionally in 1977. Working for both DC and Marvel Comics he drew Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Thing, Batman and dozens more. In his more than twenty years in comics he also worked for First Comics, Heavy Metal, TSR, Malibu Comics & Entertainment. His work has been featured in Omni Magazine.

In 1984, Jerry's first graphic novel, Beowulf, won the Jack Kirby Award for Best Graphic Album.

In 1987, Jerry's second graphic novel, Batman: Son of the Demon, won the Golden Apple Award for Best Graphic Novel and was nominated for both the Harvey Award and the Will Eisner Comic Industry Award.

Jerry went on to book illustration, advertisement, toys, and painted paperback covers.

He moved to the west coast where he began a career in movie production illustration, costume, makep and prop designs and storyboarding. To date, he has contributed to the look of more than thirty-five feature films, television shows and dozens of commercials (CAPCOM, Motorola, Vidal Sassoon, McDonalds, GM, Walt Disney, Dreamworks, Universal, TBS, SCI-FI Channel, Comedy Central, etc.). He did a short stint in animation and

In 1998-99 Jerry won the Primetime Emmy Award as background/Layout Artist on Todd McFarlaine's Spawn for HBO.

He storyboarded the action sequences for such video games as Resident Evil 5.

He went to work at Walt Disney's Imagineering conceptualizing an attraction for the fledgling Disney Questby the end of his first week, he was made Art Director of Attractions for the entire project, everything from storyboarding to creating new concepts, to full painting and scripting on over twenty-eight attractions simultaneously. As the project moved on to the construction phase, Jerry was called upon to design an entire floor of the Disney Quest facility, everything from portals to wall paper to carpet patterns, spaceships, dinosaurs, bumper cars, cartoon ducks.

He continued in theme parks designing concepts for Disney's Animal Kingdom, and California Adventure. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, a Sam Houston museum/theater, General Motors Renaissance, a Civil War museum attraction, Jules Verne theme park, and more.

Jerry worked for Stan Lee Media as concept artist, and assisting in early LBE entertainment and designs for the Hollywood Christmas Parade.

In his fine art
In 2003, his Painting titled: "Turbulent Discovery" won an Honorable Mention at Journey's End National Art Exhibition.

In 2005, his painting titled: "Master Cartographer" won the Judge's Award at Journey's End National Art Exhibition.

His painting titled: 5th USCC has been reproduced many times for national parks, Civil War reenactments, and even as part of a mural for a bank in Texas.

As a writer, Jerry has published short stories: Basic Training for the 'super Heroes anthology, Ace Pub. Comic books and award winning graphic novels: Beowulf, 'star Trek, DS-9: Dax's Comet, and Pfc. Rick DeWater in Memorium, Untold Stories from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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