Jennifer Haviland

(Cosplayer/ Seamstress)

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Jennifer Haviland


For as long as Jennifer Haviland can remember, she has explored her interest in art, design and other creative outlets. An avid seamstress since her first high school sewing class, she followed that up by adding an Illustration degree and fashion coursework at Fashion Institute of Technology to her utility belt. She managed to keep busy with various art fashion and costume projects throughout the years until she entered the world of Cosplay proper in 2005.

That was the year Jennifer joined the Star Wars charity costume communities of the 501st and Rebel Legion. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. As she made the convention rounds, met and became friends with others in the cosplay communities, Jennifer realized that she could extend her creativity with costuming far beyond just Star Wars costumes. To date, Jennifer has found inspiration in TV shows, cartoons, films, literature and comic books. Particularly, as an enthusiast of vintage fashion, hair, makeup and culture she loves to create costumes that are reproductions of vintage costumes or costumes that have a vintage flavor to them. By far her favorite of these is her 1966 television version Batgirl which was her dream costume from her childhood days.

When she is not working on costumes and attending conventions, Jennifer keeps busy by sewing vintage inspired clothing, reading, hula hooping, attending vintage enthusiast events, crafting items for her Etsy shop and spending time with her pals in NYC.

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