Jen Haskill

(Artist - Freelance Graphic Design; Corporate and Artist Branding; Ad Design; Brochures; Trade Show Booth Design; Web Design; Flash; Print & Web Graphics; Custom Projects; Illustration & Painting; Theatrical Makeup & Costume Design)

**Please check your city’s home page for guest appearance days!**

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Jen Haskill


She has over 15 years as a well-established graphic designer and Creative Director in the corporate financial sector, with a primary focus on the Merchant Credit Card Processing Industry. She has created and established corporate brands for multiple companies, creating everything from business cards to Powerpoint presentations. Her recent focus, however, has been in establishing herself in the creative industries - primarily music, art & writing. As a music scholarship winner to Belmont College in Nashville, TN., her understanding of music has given her a niche; carving out her reputation as someone capable of getting inside the performing artist's mind and representing their music visually. She works full time in the corporate sector and takes on exclusive projects on a freelance basis.

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