Jeffrey Reddick

(Writer - Final Destination; Final Destination 2; Final Destination 3; Final Destination 5)

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Jeffrey Reddick


Jeffrey Reddick made his first connection to the film industry at age 14, when he wrote a prequel to A Nightmare on Elm Street and mailed it Bob Shaye, the President of New Line Cinema. Bob promptly returned the material for being unsolicited, but a surly response from the young Eastern Kentucky native won him over. Bob and his assistant, Joy Mann, stayed in contact with Jeffrey and when he was 19, Jeffrey went to New York to study acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Bob offered Jeffrey an internship at New Line Cinema, which turned into an 11-year stint at the studio.

Jeffrey shot to horror fame with the creation of Final Destination, which opened in 2000 and earned over $100 Million at the worldwide box office. Jeffrey co-wrote the story and Executive Produced Final Destination 2, which also crossed the $100 million mark worldwide. With the release of the fifth Final Destination in 2011, Jeffrey cemented his status as one of the few screenwriters to create an enduring horror franchise, which has made over $750 million worldwide.

Jeffrey's other credits include Lionsgate's thriller, Tamara, the remake of George Romero's classic, Day of the Dead and USA Networks Return to Cabin by the Lake.

Currently, Jeffrey is developing several features, including The Undertakers, for Moderncin, based off the young adult series and 'superstition, for Global Renaissance Entertainment. He is also developing a TV series, The Guardians with Convergence Entertainment.

Jeffrey is repped by Sammy Montana at Anarchy Management.