Jeff Brin Holland


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Jeff Brin Holland


When Brin wasn't traveling around the U.S performing with his cover band, The Jeff Holland Band/H2.0", he was making props and costumes for fun and profit, and would later become a leading prop maker in the costuming community.

Brin made his first comic con appearances at San Diego Comic Con, and Dragon Con prior to 2000 as Batman and other award winning characters, and received major kudos from fans, and comic artists alike attending the cons.

In 1999 Brin helped to co-found, The Brotherhood of the Bat, (specializing in Batman universe costuming) and later founded "The League of Heroes h which literally encompassed every other known hero and villain from all the universes.

Brin currently works to educate, nurture, and help establish costumers and cosplayers the world over, and is now, one of the most well known, and respected cosplayers to date. He has also started his own company, gCavedeller fs Costumes and Props h based in Meridian, MS.

Brin has participated in many charity events, raising money for organizations such as Toys for Tots, Juvenile Diabetes Association, and the Make A Wish Foundation, to help needy children.

Currently, Brin is working on several independent films, a blues album with Mississippi based blues musicians, and in talks to do a children's superhero book about diabetes. You can see Brin briefly as the aged Bruce Wayne/Batman in the popular fan-film trailer Kingdom Come" on YouTube.