Jeff Felson

(Artist - Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies Studios)

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Jeff Felson


Jeff started out his amazing career as a caricature artist for a well-known theme park near Minneapolis, MN way back in the late 80's. After a few years of drawing people's faces to look funny, Jeff has gone on to create award winning clip art, video game art, as well as illustrations for several well-known clients. Throughout all those years drawing and honing his craft Jeff has developed his own unique cartoon style that many have come to know as Felson -ism. In the last 10+ years or so Jeff has been working in the print industry as a graphic designer and illustrator.

But recently, Jeff has united under the Freaky Atomic Robot Zombies Studios banner with his fellow artist buddy Chad Jasper, to create and produce their own brand of whacky comic book related artworks, stories and projects.

Jeff's first original comic book title from under the F.A.R.Z. STUDIOS imprint is titled, Poopman and Cornboy. Look for the further adventures of this scatologicaly challenged duo at Wizard World Chicago this August 2013!