Jeffery Stevenson

(Writer - Task Force One; Warmageddon Illustrated; Even More Fund Comics; BloodRayne: Skies Afire)

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Jeffery Stevenson


Database engineer/consultant, technology survivor, and writer of things both real and imagined sometimes, Jeff yearns for the fun days of his youth admiring the girls from (way) afar at the public pool, programming games on the Commodore 64 and playing Spy Hunter, Ultima and D&D all night long.

His comic works have included Jim Valentino's Task Force One at Shadowline/Image Comics (writer), the BloodRayne: Skies Afire one shot for Echo 3/Digital Webbing (co-writer/editor), the Brat-halla and Spookd webcomics with over 550 pages produced (writer/letterer), the self-published Steampunk Faeries (writer/letterer), work-for-hire writing for Studio ICE and various short stories appearing in Digital Webbing Presents, Hero Happy Hour Super Special, Even More Fund Comics, and the Ted Noodleman: Bicycle Delivery Boy trade.

His screenplays have made the rounds at screenwriting contests in the past finishing as a second rounder at the Austin Film Festival, the top 6% at the Nicholl Fellowship, top 100 at Red Inkworks, top 25% at the Screenwriting Expo and honorable mention at A Feeding Frenzy.

Through the years, he has also written columns (The Creative Adviser, The Art of Words, and Breaking Out!) for websites covering topics such as writing, comics, creativity and motivation. More of Jeff's thoughts and musings can be found at the Post-Traumatic Tech Disorder website (