Jeff Balke
(Colorist - Grimm Fairy Tales; Charmed; Myths & Legends; Wonderland; Zombies vs. Cheerleaders; John Carpenter’s Asylum)
Jeff BalkeJeff first started his career by coloring Foxwood Falcons (After Hours Press) in 2007 cover to cover (including the interiors) after he had posted some color work on his Myspace page (before FaceBook became what it is today). After finishing his first book of Foxwood Falcons #1, Jeff moved onto working on a 2pg spread in the Sire #2 (After Shock Comics). Which then led him into getting more gigs such as…Jesus Hates Zombies, Velvet Rope, Koni Waves and a few others.

In 2010, Jeff started coloring with Zenescope Entertainment on such books as Charmed, Grimm Fairy Tales, Tales From Wonderland, Wonderland, Jurassic Strike Force 5, just to name a few. At the same time, he started coloring covers for MoonStone Books on Zombies vs Cheerleaders which also led him into coloring some of the interiors of those books and other covers such as…Sheena and Capt. Action. In 2011, he also started working with John Carpenter (film director/creator of Halloween, the Fog and others) and his wife Sandy in their company called Stormking Productions where they are also creating comic books.

Currently, he colors for Zenescope (numerous comics), Zombies vs Cheerleaders, Stromking Productions, Forgotten Playground and others.

In addition to working with those companies, he also has worked on books such as: Hack/Slash (Image Comics), 1000 Ways To Die (Zenescope), the Foot Soldiers (Image Comics) and others. Jeff is currently celebrating his 100th comic book he’s worked on!

Jeff has been nominated twice for the Eagle Awards and twice for the Shel Dorf Awards, taking home the 2011 Shel Dorf Award for Colorist of the Year (which was the first year of the Shel Dorf Awards).

You can always see what Jeff’s working on by going to his Fan Page on FaceBook (JbalkesCOLORS) or his website (
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