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Jeff Balke, EAGLE AWARD NOMINATED Colorist, Joins the Wizard World Tour!

The acclaimed Colorist is coming to Philadelphia, Chicago, Mid-Ohio & Austin!
Jeff Balke, <i>EAGLE AWARD NOMINATED</i> Colorist, Joins the Wizard World Tour!Jeff actually got his first coloring gig off Myspace just by posting some of his own artwork he colored up there. People seemed to respond better to his coloring work, than his line art (haha). So from then on he decided to stick with coloring. From time to time, different artists in the comic industry gave him some line work to color up and start building his portfolio and of course post on his profile. While doing that, he had After Hours Press (Darren Sanchez) contact him and give him his first coloring job coloring Foxwood Falcons, cover to cover. In 2007 a “color artist” was born.

Since then, he’s worked on the Sire, Velvet Rope, Jesus Hates Zombies, Zombies vs Cheerleaders, Jeff (just to name a few). Currently he’s working on a graphic novel called Foot Soldiers and working on a few projects with Art Baltazar and Franco along with getting hired at Zenescope Entertainment.

In 2008 he also created something called Sketch Coloring. This is where he takes sketch covers of any comic or book and colors right on that actual cover right there on the spot (like a traditional sketch). It’s a really cool..you should check it out when he’s at a show or signing.
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