Jay Bauman
(Filmmaker - Red Letter Media)
Jay BaumanMike is responsible for creating the “70 Minute Phantom Menace Review” as well as other film reviews via an online persona named “Mr. Plinkett.” The movie reviews can be seen on Youtube as well as www.redlettermedia.com. In addition to making the popular film review series, Mike works along side fellow Milwaukee, WI filmmaker Jay Bauman. Together they run Red Letter Media and have created a slew of shorts and feature films, most notably 2010’s “Feeding Frenzy,” “The Recovered (starring Tina Krause), and an online sitcom series called “The Grabowskis.”

Last year Mike was named one of Filmmaker Magazines top 25 filmmakers to watch in 2010 and his reviews have receive praise from Damon Lindelof, Simon Pegg, Patton Oswalt, Rob Zombie, and even Roger Ebert. The Mr. Plinkett review series have also received press from Entertainment Weekly, MTV, Slashfilm, Ain’t it Cool News, and many more.
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