Javier Martinez

(Artist - CCP Comics)

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Javier Martinez


Javier Martinez grew up watching ninja turtles and looney tunes so he was subconsciously prepped myself for a career in comics drawing and sketching characters for these TV shows. By the time Javier reached college he decided to follow that childhood dream and passion he had for drawing and enrolled at the Art Institute of Houston studying Media Art and Animation. Javier's worked on a number of local projects ranging from company business logos to web animations and TV pilots. Comics have always had a special place in the heart of Javier, even though he didn't start actually reading them until around college. With joining CCP Comics, Javier is absolutely honored and thankful I get to pursue that dream working along side the fine men and women of the company as well and the comic book industry. Javier is also a musician proud of his Dominican heritage so he is usually likely to throw in some homages to other influences in his life within my work over the years to come.