Javier Cruz Winnik
Javier Cruz WinnikI am the learning curve. I am the rate by which anyone and everyone can become something .... or not. My skill is a practiced and hard endured one, not one of natural ability. I know what I do because of constant immersion into the things I love and that which I want to be a part of. I am by no means an expert but I am no slouch either. I am proof that with hard work, you can be more than you are.

Thanks for stopping by my page and viewing my artwork. As much as I love drawing and creating illustrations, I also do it for those of you who are like me and just like to see fun, cool artwork.

Feel free to browse and comment on any pieces you like or donít like. I am of the school of thought that you donít grow without criticism, that means constructive and praise. Let it fly, donít be afraid to let your mind speak=]
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