Javier Avila
Javier AvilaI, Javier Avila, Jr., was born 04/08/1982. The drawing bug didnít hit me like most other artists who get started at around age 4 or 5. I started drawing when I was 12 because someone showed me X-men comics and I fell in love immediately. Every day since then, Iíve drawn, mostly in comic book style but recently has progressed my artist development into the arena of inking and coloring. Iím trying to round out my artistic skill set and realize what works and doesnít work when trying to pencil an image. My style has been crafted out of speed because I want to be able to draw faster to accommodate a comic book deadline. As of late, Iíve been networking a lot and have gotten many offers to draw comics for people but I want to make sure first I can handle a deadline before I can commit to a certain project. As of late, Iím just having tremendous amounts of fun, just experimenting everyday with how I draw, how I paint and ultimately how I create an image. The next 2 years, Iím committed to traveling the country and getting more of a fan base, enjoying different cultures and networking my services so that when I do start drawing a comic book, it will be well received.
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