J.A. St. Thomas

(Writer - I Am Forgotten)

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J.A. St. Thomas


J. A. St. Thomas, author of I Am Forgotten, a post-apocalyptic dark fantasy, has been writing most of her life. Growing up the only child of late in life parents, her imagination received a healthy workout.

After moving to New York, she spent a short time working in film before meeting her husband. Then kids happened and writing quickly found its way to the to-do-list, remaining there far too long.

A handful of her short stories have won competitions and been published in small presses. However, writing novel length fiction is her true passion.

When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, music and anything related to horror, especially zombies.

I Am Forgotten is the first novel in a YA Dark Fantasy series involving everything from time travel to the apocalypse.