Jason T. Kruse
(Artist - Scratch9, The World of Quest)
Jason T. KruseJason T. Kruse is not only a veteran of the prestigious CalArts university in sunny Southern California, he is also a maker of fine comic books. More specifically, he made a comic book called THE WORLD OF QUEST. In the animation world Jason has worked as a clean-up animator and fill-in story artist on Steve Oedekirk’s “The Barnyard.” He has also worked on such films as “Stuart Little” and “Cats and Dogs” for Rhythm and Hues Studio in Los Angeles as well as animating and storyboarding various pilots for such companies as Disney and Nickelodeon. At Quicksilver he was the character animator on four separate games including the recently released, “Master of Orion 3″, “Cashflow 101 and 202″ as well as numerous games for the United States Army.

Jason works at Helixe Studio outside of Boston on the handheld Nintendo adaptations of Pixar’s next films.

Jason is also currently writing and overseeing his first animated series, THE WORLD OF QUEST, which will air Saturday mornings on the CW.

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