Jason Hewitt

(Author - Depleting Ore: A Minecraft Novel)

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Jason Hewitt has written two award winning Minecraft Novels Depleting Ore, and his newly released second book, The Outside. He is fifteen years old and has multiple interests. Besides writing, his other primary love is playing the piano. Jase is passionate about God and serves Him through his music group: "Foundation St. Cecilia Singers". He also raises champion standard poodles, and in his free time, continues to play Minecraft. His characters in his books, including the dog, Pea Kea, and Jase’s horse, Max, are his best animal friends.

His first novel, Depleting Ore, earned multiple awards, including the International Moonbeam, the Pinnacle, and was a finalist for the National Indie Excellence Award. Before its formal release, his second novel, The Outside, has won the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best juvenile fiction. Jason is currently working on the third in the series, Bold's New Empire.

You can find Jason (Jase) Hewitt at multiple Wizard World Comic Cons throughout 2016. He also will do special presentations of his seminar Minecraft: A Novel Experience for educational institutions, libraries, and children's hospitals. This presentation is free to these institutions. He can be contacted at www.hewittauthors.com for more information. Visit our booth on Sunday, "Kids' Day" and your child can receive a free coloring artwork of the original poster: "Be Bold Play Minecraft"!