Jason "The Bloke" Crawley

(Writer/Editor/Self Publisher - Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror)

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Jason "The Bloke" Crawley


Writer, Editor, Self publisher and host character - Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror

Jason Crawley aka The Bloke was born and raised in England, where he lived for 33 years before making the move to the US in 2003 after meeting his American wife Mary in an internet chatroom.

A lifelong love of comics and the horror genre led to him learning how to write and produce comics in the horror anthology comic Bloke's Tomb Of Horror in 2009. It was through this anthology series that Jason got to know artist Mike Hoffman who had read some of Jason's stories in the Bloke's Tomb Of Horror Halloween Annual 2010. Mike offered to illustrate one of Jason's stories for the next book he was working on and soon after that, during a trip down to South Carolina, Mike suggested that the two of them meet at Jason's house. It was during this meeting that Mike put forward the idea that the two of them started working together on a new anthology series. But unlike just about every other anthology out there, the decision was made to make this one magazine size and to follow the style of those classic horror anthologies that we grew up loving. Mike would paint the covers and illustrate some of the interiors and Jason would be the main story writer and also bring in other artists. The magazine was named Bloke's Terrible Tomb Of Terror and this magazine would have a new host, The Bloke, a British undertaker character version of Jason, and he dresses up like him at conventions to encourage more interest in the series. Issue 1 came out in July 2011 and the series has gone on to be a fan favorite independently published magazine. Issues are published quarterly and there are currently 8 issues available and also the 1st Monster-Sized Collection which features 200 pages compiled from the first seven issues, made up of 22 stories, ad pages and pin up work. More issues will have been produced by the time the show comes around.

If you miss those horror anthology magazines of yesteryear, then stop by Jason's table and give TOMB a look! Have a picture taken with The Bloke and find yourself featured in a future issue!

Dont worry too much about the language barrier and crazy accent as Jason's wife Mary will be on hand to help out, although she herself has trouble understanding him sometimes herself! But hey, it works both ways! ;-)

The Bloke looks forward to meeting you and introducing you to his horror anthology magazine at Wizard World Richmond.