Jason Banditt Adams

(Artist - Conan; Shadowrun; Battletech; Glorantha; HeroQuest; Elric; Traveller)

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Jason Banditt Adams


Jason Banditt Adams is an award-winning artist that has enjoyed being a freelance illustrator for 12 years. In 2004 he began running his own art studio full-time: the Rogue Artist www.Rogue-Artist.com where his commercial illustrations are delivered to clients all over the world. Banditt contributes to several genres including Comic Books, Games, Miniature designs and Novel covers. He mostly works for the Gaming Industry where he has created game art for publication for everything from Video Games to Tabletop. It has been his privilege to have contributed work to some of his favorite properties including Robert E Howard's Conan, 'shadowrun and Battletech, Glorantha and HeroQuest, Michael Moorcock's Elric, as well as the Traveller universe and so much more. Banditt is very dedicated to his fans, running seminars teaching art techniques and offering custom sketches on-the-spot at conventions he attends.