Jason Adams

(Sketch Card Artist - Marvel Beginnings; Thor; Captain America; The Avengers; Marvel Premier Emotion; Star Wars; Mars Attacks Heritage; TMNT)

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Jason Adams


Jason Adams has been working in the sketch card industry since late 2009. During this time he has produced cards for Upper Deck (Marvel Beginnings series, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and Marvel Premier Emotion Booklet cover artist), Topps (Star Wars and Mars Attacks Heritage), Versicolor (Bettie Page Collection), IDW (Mars Attacks and TMNT), and others.

Beyond sketch cards, Jason has an upcoming cover for a yet to be released Boom! Studios comic cover. He was featured in the June issue of Beckett Sports Card Monthly, the Art Issue.

Look for many releases this year from IDW, Upper Deck, and Topps that will include work by Jason in his unique style.

Jason will be bringing along many original pieces with him, including sketch cards, hand painted blank variant covers, and paintings.

Jason lives in North Texas, with his wife Ashley and their son Tyler.