Jason 'spyda Adams

(Sculptor - Batman Black & White; DC Direct; Toy Biz; The Warner Store)

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Jason 'spyda Adams


A fantasy sculptor for over 20 years, Jason Spyda Adams is self-taught in sculpture and human anatomy. By setting aside all the how tO' books and the like, he paved his own way through experimentation and dedication to his work. Through his innovations, he won professional projects while still in college. Having been exposed to the very best artists in the comic industry his whole life, he has expected himself to do in sculpture what his heroes have done in comic illustration, including composition, storytelling, and dynamic anatomy. Working for such companies as DC Direct, Toy Biz, The Warner Store, and many others, Spyda made a name for himself in the profession. His own sculpting and design company, Spyda Creations, has been his new platform for making his statement in sculpture art. By designing his own work, he takes full advantage of the medium. His designs are created to be interesting from every angle, believing it is a waste to have a one-sided perspective. It is his goal to treat hero and fantasy sculpture as a collectible fine art.

His articles on human anatomy, in Kitbuilders Magazine, have earned praise from both new artists and ones who have been in business longer than him. This year, he has released his own book on the study of anatomy and sculpture, which will provide invaluable insight into his creative process.

As well as his work in sculpture, Jason Spyda Adams is also a comic creator. As early as 13 years old, he created the characters Armor and Silver Streak for Continuity Comics. Later, he had a hand in the creation of The Revengers and CyberRad. Lately, Spyda has developed titles and stories for his own line of graphic novels, which he hopes to release in early 2013.