Jaren Riley

(Author - Hade's Gambit: Book One of the Krypteia Conspiracy)

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Jaren Riley


Jaren Riley was born in Gunnison, Colorado, but the Rocky Mountains are his home. If he isnt in the operating room as a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in Denver, youll find him climbing, fly fishing, or playing volleyball with his family. Jaren married Jessie Lynn after a lengthy courtship of three months, and they are the proud parents of Aspen, Porter, and Brody, and a baby to be named later.

This aint your mother's zombie apocalypse!

The combined talents of authors Michael Koogler, Jed Peterson, and Jaren Riley come together magnificently in their debut novel, Hade's Gambit, Book I of the Krypteia Conspiracy and they will be on hand to talk about their new book, to sign copies and to give fans insight into it, as well as the second book in the series, The Rise of Cain, which is coming soon.

Hade's Gambit is set in the present day and prophecies are being fulfilled in rapid succession. A colossal man in both size and intellect, Hade has unlimited resources, the latest advances in experimental biotechnology, and is in possession of the lost scriptures from the book of Revelation. He also has under his control, an army of zombies that will become the first salvo in the last great war to end all wars.

In a world where good is no longer certain to overcome evil, nothing and no one is safe from the coming storm. If you are looking for the next big thing, look no further than Hade.

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