Japanese Anime People of Chicago

(Fan Group)

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Japanese Anime People of Chicago


Japanese Anime People of Chicago Club was established over 10 years ago in 2000 by Jen Gedonius and a few close friends. We started JAPC with a few simple goals; to communicate, connect, and network with local fans of anime and manga.

JAPC is a non-profit, independent, privately-owned and operated Anime, Manga, and Proto-culture Club for the Chicagoland area. We are not funded or supported by any institution of higher education as an affiliated club or by any private organization. We are striving to build a network of local fans on the basis of mutual respect for each other and the fandom we all enjoy; we are explicitly not a dating web site. We like to think ourselves like a group of friends, hanging out, and having fun. We meet in members homes, and in various public locations.