J. Anthony Hernandez
(Writer - Super Crazy Animal Hand)
J. Anthony HernandezBy day hes a mild-mannered software support specialist, by night and sometimes on weekends, he creates and destroys worlds with a Bic pen (Yes, he still uses a pen). When hes not imposing his will on a completely made-up universe or giving friendly customer service over the phone, he likes to spend time with his beautiful wife, Valerie. They reside in the greatest city in the world: no, not Gotham City, but there are a lot of bats. They live in Austin, Texas, the Live Music Capitol of the World and home to Willie Nelson, the Texas Longhorns (his alma mater), and that one Asian guy who won Top Chef. Its also the birthplace of his comic book Super Crazy Animal Hand! The ongoing adventures of a Japanese schoolgirl with animal arms and her gimpy sidekick, Ninjaplegic, the martial arts master in a wheelchair.
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