Jamie Miller


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Jamie Miller


Jamie Miller had a fairly ordinary childhood. Though her family was plagued by chronic owl infestations in their home, she came to adore these creatures and, over the years, learned to draw and illustrate as a side effect of the amount of owl pellets she consumed by accident. She took her talents to the Tyler School of Art and graduated with her BFA in Graphic & Interactive Design in the year of our Lord 2010. By then she had completed numerous projects, not only for her school, but on a freelance basis as well. Her skills include: Illustration, Toy/Craft Packaging, Logo Design, Branding, Product Development, Invitations, Restaurant Menus, and Website Design. She currently works at a toy company in the greater Philadelphia area.

Samples of her work and contact information can be seen on her website jamiemillerdesign.com. Go there, it's as cool a place as you can go on the internet without going to an adult entertainment website.