James Asmus

(Writer - Gambit; Thief of Thieves; Captain America & Bucky; Generation Hope; Astonishing X-Men)

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James Asmus


After a few years working as an award-winning playwright and comedian, James was hired by Marvel Comics in 2008 to write several stories for X-Men: Manifest Destiny. He continued on to write scripts for Runaways, Deadpool Teamp, and more. In 2011 his X-Men / Steve Rogers cross-over Escape From the Negative Zone was named one of the Top 10 miniseries of the year by MTV. Since then he has written runs on Generation Hope and Captain America & Bucky. His current work includes Thief of Thieves with Robert Kirkman for Image Comics / Skybound and a new ongoing Gambit series for Marvel.

James is also writing and developing film and television in Los Angeles. He is a proud graduate of Loyola University New Orleans.