Jaimie Cordero

(Chief Makep Artist & Creative Director - Espionage Cosmetics)

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Jaimie Cordero


Jaimie Cordero is the Makep Artist and Creative Director behind nerd-centric and beauty-obsessed company Espionage Cosmetics. In addition to being a convention favorite with nerd girls everywhere, Espionage is now featured on the popular website ThinkGeek.com. Among other projects, Cordero just wrapped up a job as Key Makep Artist in the upcoming film Gamers 3: Hands of Fate (the most funded featured film in Kickstarter history). She also worked with Bandersnatch Studios in Seattle to create the IAWT Award-nominated makep for JourneyQuest, Season 2. When she isnt providing makep demonstrations at conventions all over the country she is working with companies and clients like Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, Microsoft, the U.S. Veterans Administration, Lash & Ink Magazine, and many others as a professional makep artist.