Jacob Rougemont

(Writer - Official Index To The Marvel Universe; History of the Marvel Universe; Heroic Age: X-Men)

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Jacob Rougemont


Jacob Rougemont is an American comic book writer and researcher, most often known as part of the writing
team on the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (2004-present) and Official Index to the Marvel
Universe (2009-2013).

In addition to his Marvel Handbook and Index work, Jacob has written for other Marvel projects including the
History of the Marvel Universe (2012) and Heroic Age: X-Men#1 (2011). Aside from his writing work, Jacob
has researched for various Marvel trade paperback and hardcover collections, including 2015's Skull the
Slayer TPB and the Avengers vs. Ultron TPB for Scholastic.

A longtime comic book fan, he began collecting comic books as a child in the early 1990s and branched off
into the internet during his high school years with the founding of his Avengers fansite, Avengers: Earth's
Mightiest Fan Page in 2000. Eventually becoming a regular contributor the Marvel Appendix website
(http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix), Jacob soon jumped into comic book writing with the relaunching of
the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe series in 2004, his first published work being the Official
Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Avengers 2004 one-shot. Jacob became a regular member of the
Handbook writing team as of the Official Handbook hardcover series and soon branched off into the
relaunched Official Index to the Marvel Universe series in 2009.

His work on the Handbook and Index series led to other research projects, including the 2009 Avengers:
Nights of Wundagore TPB and the Avengers: Vision & the Scarlet Witch-A Day in the Life TPB, as well as
other side writing projects including Handbook-type entries in the X-Men: First Class Magazine (2011).

Jacob occasionally contributes both writing and research for various projects, most recently writing for the
Avengers Now! Handbook#1 and the Marvel Expanding Universe Wall Chart: Beaux Arts Editions for Rizzoli
Publishing, and contribution research to collections such as the Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Activity
Book Facsimile Collection TPB.