Jacob Reher
(Artist - Hound Comics; Brimstone and the Borderhounds: Critical M.A.S.S)
* Courtesy Oz Wars Promotions
Jacob ReherJacob Reher is 10 years old and was born on March, 18 2002 in Columbus Ohio. Jacob has loved to draw since he was 3 years old and it was very obvious that he had a special gift. Jacob can draw just about anything, but his true passion is sketching Superheroes!

Jacob is the youngest and newly signed artist with Hound Comics. He was discovered during a Hound Comics contest. He came up with the original character DIABLOS, introduced in the Critical M.A.S.S issue. He won with flying colors. Once Hound saw Jacob’s continued talent as a young artist they were proud to invite him into the Hound Comics Mentor program. He is currently working on a project with Hound Comics lead artist, Sajad Shah.
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