Jackson Compton
(Writer/Creator/Letterer – Nadir’s Zenith; Illustrated Girl; Mindquakes & Dreamscapes)
Jackson ComptonAuthor and artist Jackson Compton’s first fantasy novel, “Night’s End,” was published in 2008 and his second, “The Crucible of Happenstance” in 2011. He is a novelist, screenwriter, comic book writer, and founder of Enigma Endeavors Productions, LLC. He co-wrote the screenplay for Felix Matos’s horror film, Pumpken, and had a small role in the film. He is the creator and writer of the space opera comic book series, Nadir’s Zenith, with fellow artist, Jerry Bennett. He is busy with several projects including: the sequel to Crucible, a Steampunk trilogy, and several graphic novels including: Illustrated Girl with artist Natasha Alterici, Flora & Fauna, with artist Katrina Heilhecker, Tainted World, with Jason Coody and Mindquakes & Dreamscapes with artist Bryan Shultz.
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