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Ivy Love


Ivy A. Love artist extraordinair, I am a multi faceted multi-tasker with a love for unity and creativity. Originally from southern California I have traveled all over the american continents, I have yet to make it to europe and have a feeling I might not be able to make it back when I do go!! When I was just a little girl I started performing modeling and singing and due to very strict parenting by 9 years of age I was no longer to take part in those things when involved outside of my parents house. I went to school for business and through my young adult life mostly managed and produced many projects for many peoples and organizations while still working with my talent in the home. About four years ago i was given the opportunity to manage and operate a large space called Koos art gallery and space. So I was able to use all of my talents in one location and grow. At this time the Universe brought so many people to me to show me the direction I needed to go. Being that I am a natural talent and have the ability to learn just about anything very quickly I for the last four years have been working as talent in the industry in California. I am talent on the full scale, the camera loves me and I love the camera! Although I do have the ability to do many things with my talent my main focus is my music, I am a freestyle artist as every beat of music speaks to me. I feel that I have a message of peace, unity, and of transcendance for the soul; and I am here to uplift the human spirit. My goal is to continue to grow artistically and to be on tour with my music in many venues over the entire world. Through my song I want to help the world unify and bring people together through the arts. www.ivylovemusic.com.