Inon Zur

(Composer - Lord Of The Rings; Dragon Age; Rift; Tera; Prince Of Persia; Everquest; Lineage; Crysis And Fallout; Au Pair; Escaflowne; Digimon; Power Rangers; Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side)

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Inon Zur


Inon Zur composes emotionally dynamic music for film, television, anime and video games. His scores for film and television include AU PAIR, ESCAFLOWNE, DIGIMON, POWER RANGERS and GHOST WHISPERER: THE OTHER SIDE. Zur's Hollywood scoring expertise combined with his flair for powerful melodic writing is widely recognized in the world of interactive entertainment. Composing cinematic orchestral music for blockbuster franchises such as LORD OF THE RINGS, DRAGON AGE, RIFT, TERA, PRINCE OF PERSIA, EVERQUEST, LINEAGE, CRYSIS and FALLOUT, he has received international acclaim including award nominations from the British Academy of Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) and SPIKE TV as well as top honors at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards. Variety named Inon Zur one of the top music talents in interactive entertainment.