INDIE COMIC CREATORS AT BIG APPLE COMIC CONGetting into the comic book industry is extremely difficult, so many independent comic creators and companies are here at Big Apple Comic Con showing off their stuff. Itís a great opportunity not only for the creators, but for comic fans to get some exposure to cool titles they might not have otherwise heard of.

Some of the more seasoned indie creators are here talking about their newest stuff, like David Petersen creator of Mouse Guard. The critically acclaimed author has been talking about his series which depicts the life of the 12th century mouse warrior elite and their struggles against snakes, weasels, owls and the elements. He writes and illustrates the series which has two books and a Role Playing Game out on the stands.

Also here are the next generation of comic creators just getting their start. Kalman Spigel is one such author who is selling his first work City of Fever. The book depicts life on a moon orbiting a gas giant, in a seedy back water city. The book is a noir style tale, but one of the most notable aspects of it is the attention to scientific detail and plausibility. Also he dedicated the book to Optimus Prime ďcause he turns into a freakiní truck.Ē

Thatís only the tip of the iceberg here at Big Apple Comic Con, if you want to find more indie creators you should stop by and explore for yourself

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