Ian Corrao

(Artist/Co-Creator - ZombieHood.com)

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Ian Corrao


Ian is the artist and co-creator of the web comic ZombieHood.com, a humorous take on a pseudo zombie apocalypse in which zombies turn out to be fairly friendly. Ian started drawing and creating the comic with writer and co-creator Justin DuPont in 2007 and they have poked fun at everything including zombies, video games, TV & Movies, and real life.

Ian has watched his style change over the years from pencil and pen to a completely digital art style. In addition to web comic art, he likes to dabble in traditional art, animation, video editing & special effects, writing, and prop making.

Ian grew up in Milwaukee, WI and attended a few semesters at the Illinois Institute of Art Schaumberg before finishing with a Bachelor's in Art at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He now lives in West Allis, WI with his wife and daughter.